Case Study Reports Teenager Experiences Relief from Clinical Depression After Receiving Chiropractic Care

A case study discusses the results of chiropractic care of a 16-year old female who presented for care with a history of clinical depression, neck, and upper shoulder pain as published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, and Family Health. The patient received chiropractic care to evaluate and correct vertebral subluxations. After 12 visits, her symptoms of depression and pain resolved.

This study provides supporting evidence that adolescents with similar complaints may benefit from chiropractic care. How can chiropractic provide an effect to our mental wellbeing by correcting a subluxation in the spine? It all traces back to the neurological system. Recall that the spine sends information up to the brain. When those signals are improved, the brain’s function and chemistry changes.

Remember, your spine is your lifeline. The better it functions, the global impact it has on your body’s health!

Author: Cornerstone Admin

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