Case Study Shows Exciting Results: Breech Baby Turns After Mother Receives Chiropractic Care

pregnancy-1498539_1280This study describes the chiropractic care of a pregnant patient presenting with hip/pelvic pain and breech presentation, as published in the Journal of the Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health. 

A 37-year-old woman in her 35th week of gestation was experiencing right hip and pelvic pain with ultrasound imaging documenting frank breech pregnancy. Vertebral subluxations were identified using Webster Technique.

The patient received care with the Webster Technique over three visits spanning five days. The patient gave birth vaginally with the baby in the vertex position.

Further research on the role of pregnant patients under chiropractic care may show benefit beyond symptomatic care.

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Author: Dr. Timothy J. Murzycki D.C. C.C.W.P

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