Don’t be a Boiled Frog!

What is a boiled frog? There is a metaphor that has been around that describes how the inability to change and adapt will eventually lead to sickness, disease and death. It involves frogs and pots of water with varying temperatures. For instance, consider if we had frog “A” and a large pot of boiling water. If we were to take frog “A,” drop it into the boiling water, and if it were to remain in the boiling water, eventually that frog would succumb to its death. Because it notices the extreme change in environment, it wants to make a change. So, it shifts its energy to change its environment in order to not just survive, but to continue thriving. That frog jumps out of the pot of boiling water and will be on its merry way.

Now consider we have frog “B”. Frog “B” is placed into a large pot of room temperature water. The frog remains since the environmental temperature appears to be non-threatening. If we were to apply heat to the water and very gradually increase the temperature of the water, we notice a very different reaction compared to frog “A.” Frog “B’ will not perceive the change in temperature, will not perceive its environment changing. What is the eventual outcome? Death…a boiled frog.

Albeit not very pleasant, this metaphor illustrates an underlying, yet very essential dynamic which is different for both frogs – communication. For frog “A”, somehow there is communication of information that the environment is no good. Frog “B” seems to lack such vital communication as it remains in the deadly environment. Because of a change in how communication occurs, there are two very different outcomes.

Are you a boiling frog? Are your family members and friends boiling frogs? Recall that your body is always communicating back-and-forth with your brain, passing along information about your environment, and coordinating millions of processes every minute without your conscious awareness, and it does so through your nervous system (“lifeline”) which is your spinal cord and nerves with your brain. Is your temperature too hot? Thermoreceptors in your skin touch the air, send messages through your nerves, up your spine and into your brain to complexly process. Your brain sends signals through your spinal cord and nerves back to sweat glands in your skin to release sweat. Did you have to think about it? Nope. There are a TON of functions that happen with your body every moment in addition to temperature. For instance, creation of red blood cells, circulation of hormones, stimulation of the immune system, digestion of food, moderation of liver enzymes, changing how kidney filters blood, regulation of inflammation in the body, cleansing of tumor cells forming everyday, etc. Having a lower functioning nervous system can affect how we relate to and bond with our loved ones, our friends, and our co-workesr.

This is all done through communication with information back-and-forth through your nervous system. The body needs to first properly sense itself and its environment in order to decide how to adapt universal forces on the body. Your innate intelligence is constantly working to keep you thriving at your best, or surviving a dangerous situation – either way it is for what you need at that time.

But what if your body cannot properly perceive itself or its surroundings? Remember, frog “A” stayed on the path of thriving because it knew, while frog “B” could not properly interpret its environment and was unable to properly adapt. How effectively you react to a stressor in your environment is based on how accurately you perceive it. A disruption in this process leads to inability to adapt. An inability to adapt means decreased quality of life, or even worse, death.

The focus of chiropractic care is to keep someone at their best state of adaptability through working with the communication systems of the body – the nervous system. By doing so, there is a facilitation of the body’s natural balancing and healing processes. Regular chiropractic care encourages you to express life at your best. This is why you hear of tons of different miracles experienced by those under care. That is why we see changes with different tests in the office – neurological tests, x-ray analysis, heart-rate variability stress tests, etc. Use chiropractic care to keep health and function at its highest for you and for your family!

“There is but one cause in dis-ease: the body’s inability to comprehend itself or its environment.”

-Dr. Fred Barge

Author: Cornerstone Admin

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