Your Health: Luck or Choices?

You’re in pain, fatigued, suffering from a chronic health issue, or can’t remember the last time you truly felt well. What bad luck you must have, right?

Maybe not…

Certainly, there are some types of illnesses or injuries that, for some people, just weren’t preventable. But for many of us, our ailments start long before we ever notice that something isn’t right. They start in late nights hunched over our laptops and tablets, dinners at the fast-food drive through, and endless hours in our office chairs. Habits of bad posture, unhealthy eating, being sedentary, replacing daily love, joy and gratitude with stress, fear and anxiety, and rushing through our daily routines without listening to our bodies’ needs for rest and self-care over weeks, months, and years causes repeated stress and insult to our bodies. In fact, we have seen from both research as well as clinically that it is the chronic and continuously repeated areas of stress in our everyday lives which has the greater impact on our declining health, and not the rare acute event. Our bodies get overwhelmed and reach a point where they can no longer effectively cope with what’s happening, resulting in chronic illness and injury. In this case, our choices known or unknown, not luck, have determined our health.

The good news is that you can choose to do things that will help correct the root cause of the problem and support your body’s innate ability to adapt and to heal itself. When you choose chiropractic care in our office, you receive expert help in restoring your health, function, and vitality: specific adjustments that remove interference in your nervous system and support your body’s optimal functioning with improved healing, and fun and educational events like our Practical Nutrition monthly series to make healthy eating easy and enjoyable.

Aren’t you lucky to have all of that available right here in Bellingham?! 😉

Author: Cornerstone Admin

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