Your First Visit

Your first visit in our Bellingham Chiropractic office is an important one.

After completing all necessary paperwork, the doctor will conduct a thorough health history, consultation, and examination to see if you or your child are/is a candidate for Chiropractic care. In addition, the doctor may conduct specialized exams depending on the case.

The intent of this visit is to learn as much information about you or your child as possible, as well as your goals. If the doctor feels that you/your child may benefit from care, he may recommend x-rays to aid in assessment of spinal health and with the prognosis for treatment.

Following the completion of your examination, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled where the doctor will review the findings of the evaluation with you.

It is our intention to exceed your expectations and provide you with the highest quality of service and Chiropractic care. Thank you for choosing us and trusting us with the health of your family.

To get started, call our office at 508-328-3085 or use our online appointment request system below.

Our helpful and caring team is here to help you receive the care you deserve.

Online Appointment Request System


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Author: Dr. Timothy J. Murzycki D.C. C.C.W.P

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