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Your first visit in our Bellingham Chiropractic office is an important one. After completing all necessary paperwork, the doctor will conduct a thorough health history, consultation, and evaluation to see if you are a candidate for Chiropractic care. In addition, the doctor may conduct specialized structural and functional tests on your spinal-nervous system. The intent of this visit is to learn as much information about you to see how the doctor can best help you and assist in your goals. If the doctor feels that you may benefit from care, he may recommend digital X-ray study to aid in assessment of spinal health and of the prognosis for care. (For your convenience, our office is equipped with an advanced digital X-Ray system.) Following the completion of your evaluation, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled where the doctor will review the findings of the evaluation with you along with recommendations for care. It is our intention to exceed your expectations and provide you with the highest quality of service and Chiropractic care. Thank you for choosing us and trusting us with the health of your family. To get started, call our office at 774-847-7474 or use our online appointment request system below. Our helpful and caring team is here to help you receive the care you deserve.

Online New Practice Member Forms

Welcome to the Cornerstone Family Chiropractic new patient center! We’ve placed our initial paperwork here for you to download to make your first visit in the office as easy as possible. Please fill out the forms in the comfort and convenience of your home and bring them with you to your appointment. We’re excited to meet you!

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Family Care

Chiropractic care is for the entire family.

Imagine only mom and dad going to the dentist to get their teeth checked.

No one would dream of leaving the kids at home and leaving the health of their teeth to chance. Yet the majority of the world still does not understand the importance of a properly functioning spine and nervous system.

Family Care

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What Our Patients Have to Say…

  • Our pediatrician had diagnosed our daughter with a mix of ADHD with underlying anxiety. She started struggling at school right before Thanksgiving. Her pediatrician prescribed Adderall and Concerta. Both of these drugs caused severe adverse reactions: emotionally unstable, anxious, fearful of sleep and fear of going to school along with loss of appetite. Our daughter was also seeing a pediatric therapist on occasion. After bringing her to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, we noticed she no longer was going to the nurse at school to get out of class. She stopped isolating herself and wants to play with her friends! She sleeps better at night and her happiness has returned! She is excited to go to school again. Along with the MD, her father and I decided she no longer needed any medication. When asked about how she felt when she got her adjustment she replied, “It’s really relaxing and feels good. Everyone there makes you feel welcomed and is very nice.

  • I brought my daughter to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic because she would have constant night terrors/nightmares.  She could not sleep through the night or she would wake up crying and screaming multiple times at night.  With the help of chiropractic care, we have noticed she no longer has crying fits or screaming in the middle of the night.  If she does have a nightmare she is able to put herself back to sleep or will wake us up to tell us that she had a nightmare. She’s a lot happier and sings often. (She never really sang before!)  She has more of a restful night’s sleep.  When we ask her to describe what her adjustments feel like she says, “It feels nice and comfortable.  Also, it tickles a little.”  She loves everyone at the office and says they are all very nice.

  • I was in a lot of pain on left side of neck and left back. Originally, I sought orthopedic help.  I never found relief.  At one point, I was told they couldn’t do anything to help me and I could take some pain management programs to deal with the pain.  When I walked into Cornerstone to inquire about services, I was treated with friendlyknowledgeable staff who could answer my questions. I also started learning a lot about natural health.  Since coming to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, I’ve achieved great neck motion and much relief from pain in both neck and back. I’ve been able to return to the gym and work out most day. Also, I no longer have heartburn/GERD which were both huge struggles for me.   I just love Dr. Tim.  He is so open, encouraging and always explains what he is going to do. I assure anyone seeking Chiropractic services that Dr. Tim will keep you informed what he will be doing and why every step of the way.

  • Thank you Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, my experience here has been excellent! I sought chiropractic care with Dr. Tim for chronic neck and low back pain that had been bothering me on and off for years. Within the first few months of regular treatment not only had the chronic pain vastly improved, but sleep, mood, and mental clarity had all improved as well. I always love going there – Dr. Tim and staff are warm, compassionate, and competent. I highly recommend contacting Dr. Tim at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic and seeing how he can help. You’ll be happy you did!


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