Bellingham chiropractor, Dr. Timothy Murzycki, has helped countless families and individuals experience greater health and vitality through safe, natural chiropractic care. Read the many testimonials below from your Bellingham friends and neighbors!

…her happiness has returned!
“Our pediatrician had diagnosed our daughter with a mix of ADHD with underlying anxiety. She started struggling at school right before Thanksgiving. Her pediatrician prescribed Adderall and Concerta. Both of these drugs caused severe adverse reactions: emotionally unstable, anxious, fearful of sleep and fear of going to school along with loss of appetite. Our daughter was also seeing a pediatric therapist on occasion. After bringing her to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, we noticed she no longer was going to the nurse at school to get out of class. She stopped isolating herself and wants to play with her friends! She sleeps better at night and her happiness has returned! She is excited to go to school again. Along with the MD, her father and I decided she no longer needed any medication. When asked about how she felt when she got her adjustment she replied, “It’s really relaxing and feels good. Everyone there makes you feel welcomed and is very nice.”


She’s a lot happier and sings often. (She never really sang before!)
“I brought my daughter to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic because she would have constant night terrors/nightmares.  She could not sleep through the night or she would wake up crying and screaming multiple times at night.  With the help of chiropractic care, we have noticed she no longer has crying fits or screaming in the middle of the night.  If she does have a nightmare she is able to put herself back to sleep or will wake us up to tell us that she had a nightmare. She’s a lot happier and sings often. (She never really sang before!)  She has more of a restful night’s sleep.  When we ask her to describe what her adjustments feel like she says, “It feels nice and comfortable.  Also, it tickles a little.”  She loves everyone at the office and says they are all very nice.”


Cancer Diagnosis & Seeking Overall Health
“I found out recently that I have prostate cancer from a routine physical examination. I did not experience any symptoms. My wife sees Dr. Tim and was told about chiropractic care improving overall body health so I wanted to see how it may help. I am fairly athletic and take good care of myself. I did have some neck soreness due to professional repetition of movement but otherwise asymptomatic.

Since care, I have noticed more flexibility in upper spine and shoulders. I am sleeping very well and am very rested after a night sleep…I did have surgical intervention and will soon have radiation treatments, but recovery has gone very well with no complications or significant effects. I am feeling really well overall.

I love to play tennis and my game may have improved. And this is following only a month after major laproscopic surgery.

[Before my first visit], I was a little skeptical that I would notice anything…I am feeling very well considering all that I have been going through recently. The chiropractic adjustment is very relaxing and you feel great after!

Love Dr. Tim and Debbie, his mom! Always feel welcome and loved when I visit weekly. I’d recommend Cornerstone Family Chiropractic to all. There is no doubt that there is a physical benefit to improving and maintaining health through the adjustments to the spine via regular chiropractic care.”


I leave my appointments feeling on top of the world with the “power on”!
“I was suffering from extreme lower back pain and was willing to do anything to escape the debilitating symptoms. In my earlier years, I had a negative chiropractic experience, and I was nervous to try again. Upon meeting Dr. Tim, I was immediately put at ease and he understood my trepidation and fears. He explained everything to me and went slowly with adjustments. Within a short amount of time, my discomfort was far less and I was able to move around much easier. I had undergone a disc fusion previously that resulted in a “dropped toe” gait and numbness in my fingers. My (chiropractic care at Cornerstone) has resulted in alleviation of my numbness and I haven’t tripped on my foot in months! Continuing with my chiropractic care began to manifest in other positive ways as well. I found I was sleeping better and felt an overall calmness in my everyday life and how I approached situations. I am much more aware of my body and how I am feeling both mentally and physically on a daily basis. Give (chiropractic) a try. Don’t expect an overnight miracle, but with continued visits and trust in Dr. Tim, you will begin to see positive changes. From the time you enter the office, you are enveloped in a warm and inviting atmosphere. I leave my appointments feeling on top of the world with the “power on”!


Friendly, knowledgeable staff & no heartburn/GERD…
“I was in a lot of pain on left side of neck and left back. Originally, I sought orthopedic help.  I never found relief.  At one point, I was told they couldn’t do anything to help me and I could take some pain management programs to deal with the pain.  When I walked into Cornerstone to inquire about services, I was treated with friendlyknowledgeable staff who could answer my questions. I also started learning a lot about natural health.  Since coming to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, I’ve achieved great neck motion and much relief from pain in both neck and back. I’ve been able to return to the gym and work out most day. Also, I no longer have heartburn/GERD which were both huge struggles for me.   I just love Dr. Tim.  He is so open, encouraging and always explains what he is going to do. I assure anyone seeking Chiropractic services that Dr. Tim will keep you informed what he will be doing and why every step of the way.”


Excellent Experience
“Thank you Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, my experience here has been excellent! I sought chiropractic care with Dr. Tim for chronic neck and low back pain that had been bothering me on and off for years. Within the first few months of regular treatment not only had the chronic pain vastly improved, but sleep, mood, and mental clarity had all improved as well. I always love going there – Dr. Tim and staff are warm, compassionate, and competent. I highly recommend contacting Dr. Tim at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic and seeing how he can help. You’ll be happy you did!”


Best decision I have ever made – my quality of life is so much better!
“What first brought me to chiropractic was chronic lower back pain from 20 years of retail work.  In the past 5 years, my back has gotten worse waking up, and I had been having a hard time walking. I have known Dr. Tim for years but refused to get (a chiropractic exam) because I didn’t believe in his field of work. Finally 8 months ago, I gave in and went to see Dr. Tim. Best decision I have ever madeSince getting adjusted, I have noticed less back pain, less stiffness in the morning, and better sleep. This has been the first holiday season of work without being in pain from working night crew and filling in shelves. I missed 3 weeks of chiropractic care in December and I felt a difference in my back – I missed my visits with Dr. Tim. My quality of life is so much better. I’m back to going to the gym, work is so much easier, and I am able to play tennis again, (which I love doing), due to my back feeling better. If someone I knew was hesitant to try chiropractic, I might say; just do it! I waited years to go see Dr. Tim, and I feel very silly that I did. I feel safe and secure with Dr. Tim. He has changed my life for the better. Go see him!


I can’t imagine not having weekly adjustments!
“I originally came to Dr. Tim because I was feeling stiff and achy all the time – my back, legs, hips, etc. I was starting to feel “old”. I was also getting many headaches and constantly popping pills to make them go away. I’d previously gone to massage therapy on occasion for the stiffness. I noticed a difference in the first few visits [to Cornerstone]; suddenly it was no longer difficult or painful to turn around in my car and back up! [Chiropractic] has helped me relax and be more mindful of my body and what it’s doing. I certainly have more energy, which in turn lets me do more, even if it is just stuff around the house. I’m more aware of my posture when sitting and standing. I continue to make a conscious effort to walk/sit properly. My headaches have decreased and I am certainly taking less pain medication for them. I was resistant to chiropractic care for years! How could someone “cracking my back” help my leg muscles and my headaches?! Plus, I was convinced it would hurt and not be comfortable. Finally, after years of my husband telling me to try it, I did. Now, I can’t imagine not having weekly adjustments! It’s a good dose of energy without the caffeine (or added sugar)! Everyone at Dr. Tim’s office is wonderful. They are pleasant, easy to talk to, and understand what you are dealing with.”


Chiropractic has helped with my family’s well-being
“We first started seeing Dr. Tim due to our daughter’s chronic ear infections. She had already had one set of tubes and was going on her second set, with the addition of having her adenoids removed. We were at wits’ end and looking for options when one of our friends recommended Dr. Tim. Chiropractic care had helped our friend’s son with his ear issues, so we figured we would give it a try. It took some time, but we are happy to say Tessa has not had an ear infection in 8 months! With having such positive results, we started our youngest daughter on chiropractic care to maintain good health. Next my husband started adjustments due to having headaches on a daily basis. Last but not least, I started seeing Dr. Tim to help me with a hip issue that bothered me every single day. My family has noticed positive changes in each of our lives since starting adjustments. Tessa’s ear issues have gotten better and her hearing is almost in a normal range which has helped her with her speechMy youngest daughter maintains good health. My husband hardly ever has a headache and I can sit on the floor and play with my two little girls without having hip pain. If someone I knew was hesitant to try chiropractic care, I would say just give it a shot – what do you have to lose? You can either continue having pain or start chiropractic care to see if it helps. Not only has it helped my family’s individual needs, but also with our overall well-being. We all enjoy going to Dr. Tim’s office, especially my two little girls. Everyone is so positive, friendly and upbeat. Not only do you feel great from your adjustments, you also feel great from all the positive energy around you.”


Chiropractic put me back together!
“I had back and neck pain. It was to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed some days. The spasms were crippling. These issues continued from 2007 through 2015. I have done physical therapy many times, electronic stimulation units, and many different medications over the years. I also did several rounds of steroid injections. Simply put, chiropractic put me back together! I feel like I can breathe again. I have greatly increased mobility, a reduction in pain, and more energy to get through the day! This all meant so much to me; I could finally truly participate in activities with my family, especially my wife and two young daughters. The improvement to my quality of life is the most important thing. I have been able to feel normal again after 8 years of feeling like things would never get better. I have been able to stop taking medication for the pain completely. My fatigue from trying so many other treatments, the costs, and developing a level of trust were all factors in my initial hesitation to try chiropractic. Dr. Tim and his staff did everything to help me through it all. The cost was absolutely worth it, and there is no one other than Dr. Tim that I trust. The environment, the atmosphere and the staff truly complete the experience at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic. Also, the time that Dr. Tim takes to review your X-Rays and explain the details is wonderful. It feels like someone is finally pulling the wool away from your eyes and allowing you to see what they see!”


I feel stronger, more energetic, and overall great!
“My original complaint was poor posture and rounded shoulders. Even when I made an effort to stand up straight with my shoulders back, I was unable to correct my posture. At the time I started seeing Dr. Tim, I was under the care of another chiropractor, but not a wellness chiropractor. I had no idea there were chiropractors that only treat pain versus wellness chiropractors that promote good overall healthChiropractic care has improved my posture but also surprisingly my hearing and my vision in an eye that had previously had a hemorrhage. It also removed what I thought were permanent tension in my neck & upper back. I feel stronger, more energetic, and overall great! I had Leukemia and a bone marrow transplant 20+ years ago. Since that time, I have rarely had my red blood cell count or hemoglobin levels fall in a normal range – they were always slightly below normal. Now they are in the normal range! It is amazing! Since I was under chiropractic care somewhere else on an ‘as needed’ basis, I thought I was doing the best care possible and wasn’t in pain. I was very skeptical of Dr. Tim’s claims until my children saw him, loved him, and my 3 year old knew when he needed a correction. My first chiropractor used an activator only to do adjustments, which I loved, because I was terrified at the thought of someone cracking pressure points, my neck, my back, etc. However, after seeing how gentle the adjustments were on my kids, I was no longer afraid. The adjustments feel like gentle pressure releases. Becky, Sarah, Debbie and Dr. Tim are the nicest, most professional and upbeat people. They are very accommodating!”


I always feel happy and energized after my appointments
“I had chronic lower back pain for about a year, including a few scary spells where it was difficult to walk and stand up straight. I also would develop a shooting back pain if I had to drive a longer distance. My back pain started to affect a lot of different aspects of my life, both physically and mentally. It was scary to think about having a bad flair up and not knowing whether it would happen again. My chronic back pain has pretty much completely subsided, and I can drive without pain. Most importantly, I am confident in my well-being! Besides the physical effects, a lot of great things have happened in my life since I started chiropractic care. I have graduated law school, passed the bar exam, and now work as an attorney at a wonderful firm. I believe that my weekly adjustments helped me a LOT with stress and endurance while I was studying for and taking the bar exam. The benefits of chiropractic can extend beyond your back to your general well-being. Plus, any treatment that doesn’t involve taking medication or painkillers is worth a try. I love seeing the smiling faces of Dr. Tim, Debbie, and Becky! Cornerstone is such a positive, friendly environment. I always feel happy and energized after my appointments. Lights are on!”


Chiropractic helped me realize how amazing the body is!
“I initially sought chiropractic care due to having pain in my lower back/tailbone area. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but I was also having extreme difficulty sleeping (not due to the pain – I just simply couldn’t sleep!). This was my first ever experience with chiropractic. Prior to my first visit with Dr. Tim, I didn’t even know what chiropractic involved. When I walked into the office that first time, I was surprised to find out that it wasn’t like a typical doctor’s office and I could actually keep all of my clothes on! (That, and the office music selection is definitely better than anywhere else!) Chiropractic helped me to realize just how amazing the human body is! “Simple” structural changes can have profound effects on how efficiently the body is able to function. It was very encouraging to see my before and after X-Rays and to know that my body is now functioning at a higher capacity. I no longer have difficulty sleeping, my lower back/tailbone pain is a thing of the past, my posture is better, and I have increased flexibility and overall comfort. I was initially very skeptical of chiropractic, but when a good friend of mine referred me to Dr. Tim, I thought ‘why not?’ (And boy am I glad that I decided to follow her advice!) The staff at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic is the best I have ever encountered. Upon opening the front door, you are immediately greeted by your first name. Everyone in there is kind, caring and compassionate and it is clear that they take great pride in what they do. I truly feel card for the I trust that Dr. Tim always has my best interest at heart. Also, the entire staff is wonderful with children, so don’t let that stop you from giving chiropractic a try!”


Chiropractic is science and it works!
“Our son Logan refused to turn around during my wife’s pregnancy, and this resulted in him being vacuumed out. My wife quickly noticed that he was very rigid and stiff. He cried frequently when not held, and only liked to be held in certain positions. We were referred to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic and had also read good things about their establishment. I want you to know that the next statement is not embellished; we took our son to be evaluated, and after his first adjustment, the change was astonishing. After that first visit, our baby didn’t cry when being held, he appeared more relaxed, and he slept through the whole night. I can’t explain enough the drastic change that came over our son once he began chiropractic care. He is now a laughing, crawling, exploring little boy. No parent likes to see their child suffer. The worry and stress is gone, which allows us to enjoy watching him grow even more. Chiropractic is not a gimmick, it is not magic. It is science and it works – especially when provided by someone who truly cares about you and your family. I love the atmosphere of Cornerstone Family Chiropractic; it is truly a family-oriented establishment. It has a very calm and tranquil setting. When you walk in, you are met with smiles and people who truly want to help you. Above all else, the care is exceptional, and that is reinforced by the great person who provides it.”


It’s a little bit of Heaven every visit!
“I had back and leg pain attributed to sciatica for several weeks. Pain kept me from many things, including getting a good night’s sleep. Chiropractic took away the pain, helped me to sleep better, to breathe better, to walk taller and to be in a happier frame of mind. I can now sit on the floor and play with my 4 lively granddaughters. I can sleep all night. I can walk without limping or hurting. I’m not taking pain relievers. I just love going into the office! Great music, happy greetings, positive outlooks, little kids being adorable, smiling staff; it’s a little bit of Heaven every visit.  I love the positive affirmations, the decorations, and the zen water-pictures, too.”


Chiropractic has helped me with my overall well-being
“My original complaints were low back pain, upset stomach and severe anxiety. I had been on anti-anxiety medication, anti-nausea/vomiting medication and had been using a heating pad and taking Tylenol (as necessary) for back pain. Chiropractic has helped me with my overall well-being. My lower back no longer bothers me on a daily basis, my digestion has improved, and my anxiety has calmed down tremendously! I have been able to reduce my intake of medication. I can do more things without my anxiety getting in the way (i.e. work, running errands, etc.) The atmosphere of Cornerstone Family Chiropractic is refreshing. Everyone is calm and upbeat. Definitely makes you feel right at home. Keep being awesome!”


After only one adjustment we saw truly astonishing results in our baby boy!
“My wife had mentioned to me numerous times that our 6 week old son seemed to be in discomfort, almost pain. She pointed out to me that he would catatonically stare upward into the lights and that he seemed uncomfortable, almost rigid when being held. I then started to pay close attention to his movements and noticed he would arch back excessively when being held and that around four o’clock in the evening he would become what people called “colicky”. Both my wife and I started to pay closer attention to his behavior and then we decided to make an appointment at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic with Dr. Tim. Literally after only one adjustment we saw truly astonishing results in our baby boy! Our son seemed more relaxed and almost peaceful. Some of the amazing results we noticed were increased bowel movements, increased range of motion in his neck and legs, he became more vocal, latched more adequately breastfeeding, he enjoyed being held and most importantly he seemed to be a happier and more content baby. It is amazing to find someone to entrust your infant’s health with and witness such miraculous results. My wife and I couldn’t imagine how our baby boy’s emotional or physical health would be right now without the healing hands of Dr. Tim and his wonderful staff.


I highly suggest trying Chiropractic care as an approach to many day-to-day ailments
“I had always found relief in Chiropractic since an accident in my 20’s but have to say Cornerstone Family Chiropractic is the most thorough center I have been to in 20 years. Dr. Tim really takes the time to explain each step and works with each individual’s needs. My husband started under Chiropractic care after a bad fall and since then has not complained about his knees, back or neck issues. My son started at age 5 after complaining about his back and has had so much more balance and focus. The last to begin care was my daughter, age 7, who had been having issues with still wetting the bed. Dr. Tim and I discussed nerves and the mind-body connection and seeing if chiropractic care could help her work through this. I am glad to report she has not had 1 accident since she started Chiropractic care. It is so amazing to see her relief and I highly suggest trying Chiropractic as an approach to many day to day ailments.


The care has been life-changing!
“After lifting a fairly light object, I suffered immense lower back pain that rendered me immobile for a week. I then continued to suffer with great stiffness and pain for several more weeks before seeking Chiropractic care. Chiropractic was my chosen solution. Even my primary care doctor recommended it. As I went through care, I often needed reassurance from Dr. Tim, as the pain would move and change in my body. This is all part of the healing process, though, and I can say that today I am truly back to 100% or betterthan I was before starting care. The care has been life-changing. I truly began to believe in the early days I would not be able to ever recover fully. I am an active person who loves the outdoors and I didn’t know what I was going to do if I couldn’t enjoy the things I have loved to do for so many years. Thanks to Dr. Tim I am back to enjoying them all at full speed today! Everyone has been tremendous and just the overall positive attitude helped me though the toughest days. I am thrilled to know all the great people who are part of this staff.


I am a “customer” for life!
“My original complaint was with my lower back, since my mid-20s, on and off. It had been persistently painful since March 2015. Chiropractic has enabled me to keep working. I have a physical job; everything is heavy. I am able to do it pain-free. No drugs! I also have been able to resume moderate weight-lifting workouts. The staff at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic is super friendly! Extremely positive attitudes. I already believed in Chiropractic, and didn’t realize there was so much to learn about spinal care and maintenance. I am a “customer” for life!


Could not be happier with the care my baby received
“My son was diagnosed with torticollis. Dr. Tim helped him be able to have full and normal movement in his neck. Our physical therapist (which was started after my son already began care with Dr. Tim) said the torticollis was almost unnoticeable. He has been able to completely turn his head and has become noticeably more comfortable and stronger with daily activities such as tummy time. As we started chiropractic care, my husband and I were a little nervous about such a small baby’s spine under care. Dr. Tim set our minds at ease and we have complete trust in him. Also, when starting, I was concerned with going and bringing my older son with me. Both Debbie and Becky went above and beyond every single visit to take such good care of him while the baby was under care. We felt so comfortable. This practice goes above and beyond every single day. I could not be happier with the care my baby received and how amazing the entire staff treated us. You are all so amazing and we are truly thankful for all you do. You should be proud!”


We were always treated with love and respect!
“My son was suffering from constant headaches and a condition called HME that worsens with any inflammation- this had been going on for over a year. We just treated the symptoms with pain relievers. Since my son’s care started, he does not suffer from and debilitating headaches or aches and pains from inflammation. He feels stronger and more comfortable. My son does not need to take pain relievers and didn’t have to stop playing his favorite sports due to pain. Everything is so efficient at Cornerstone. We never had to wait. We were always treated with love and respect!!


An incredible chiropractor – I owe my health to him!
“I was suffering from excruciating migraines at least 3-4 times a week. I had back and neck muscle spasms and pain all the time. I had been to physical therapy twice with only minor improvements, always returning to the same place I was before. I went from constant muscle and neck pain and migraines to one migraine in the course of 3 months – only ONE.I could work all day at the salon with no pain or headaches and actually felt good all day. I was able to stop taking ibuprofen and other drugs to manage the muscle pain and intense migraines. Now I don’t need to take anything and I can exercise and work pain free! Dr. Tim is the kindest, most compassionate human! He is so thorough in his care and always makes sure I understand the care, or whatever it is I need to know. He is an incredible chiropractor and I owe my health to him! All the receptionists are so nice and helpful! I love the cheerful welcome when I walk in the door! I love you guys, thank you all so much!!!”


Back to normal life
“My neck and back were in constant pain, and I had it for about 10 years. I went to physical therapy but it didn’t really help that much. Chiropractic has helped me get back to a normal life style. I am not in constant pain. Chiropractic has let me go back to lifting weights, which I haven’t been able to do in a few years. I am also able to play with my kids and not be in pain. The staff at Cornerstone is excellent. They have accommodated me and my crazy work schedule every time I have had to reschedule my appointments. Thank you for being so courteous with me.”


Enjoy more time and miss less work
“I first began chiropractic care with chronic pain in my lower back, sometimes accompanied by pain/numbness in my leg. I’ve seen many PCPs and the only treatment I was given was for pulled muscles. Within the second week of chiropractic care, I had noticeable improvement with pain and mobility. I also have improvement with depression and insomnia. Chiropractic care has allowed me to miss less work and enjoy more time doing outdoor activities. The staff at Cornerstone have been very pleasant and accommodating. The place and people have created a very comforting and inviting environment. I look forward to continuing my chiropractic care.”


Having chiropractic care has been life changing for me
“I had muscle aches/pains, joint pain/stiffness, trouble sleeping and muscle fatigue for 7 years, which made it very difficult for me to get exercise and enjoy simple things in life. After 2.5 years and 3 rheumatologists, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, and hypermobile joints. I was treated with Flexeril at bedtime for sleep and ibuprofen as needed for pain (2-3x a day). After the first 2-3 months of chiropractic care, I was sleeping better, had less pain and was able to decrease my need for ibuprofen. My overall quality of life has had major improvement. I sleep better at night, I take less medication and I am able to enjoy running again with less pain and stiffness. Dr. Tim is wonderful! Very informative, personable, and a great attitude. Along with his office staff, always pleasant and accommodating. Just a great experience walking through the door. Having chiropractic care has been life changing for me.


For health and well-being
“I love going to the chiropractor; my back feels great especially with being active. It’s good for health and well-being.


I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for my children
“Dr. Tim is one of the most thorough and caring doctors I have ever met. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for my children.


Better able to manage stress/better allergies
“Chiropractic care here has been excellent! Not only does my spine feel better and I am more mobile, my allergies rarely act up any more like they used to. Another plus is that I’m more relaxed and able to manage stress better. Dr. Tim is AWESOME.”


Just great!
“Great doctor, great environment, effective care.”


Better spine and sinuses
“Dr. Tim is awesome! When I first started here I had a lot of problems with my back. Now I even have less sinus pressure and pain.”


My life is a total joy
“I have used chiropractic care for the majority of my life, beginning with a lower back problem when I was in my early 20s. Through the years I have been to many different facilities, but I have never had the kind of care and support that I have received since finding Cornerstone Family Chiropractic. I first started with Dr. Tim because I had very little use of my right arm, and a constant burning pain at the base of my neck. Being a breeder and trainer of dogs, I was quite restricted in my interaction with them. Dr. Tim helped me get back to full use of my arm, and a much more satisfying quality of interaction with my dogs, in both my daily life and in my training program. With the maintenance plan that I am on now, my life is a total joy. Dr. Tim and the Cornerstone family are AWESOME!!!”


As a dancer, helps my spine and my health
“Dr. Tim is awesome! As a dancer, it is important to me to keep my body as healthy as I can. Chiropractic helps keep my spine healthy, but helps other aspects of my health as well. And that girl at the desk is cool too.”


Don’t know how I ever lived without it!
“I really don’t know how I ever lived without it. Since receiving care from Dr. Tim, back, jaw and ear issues I’ve had for years have resolved and keep feeling better with every adjustment. We always look forward to coming into the office!”


Have never felt better!
“I was afraid and am no longer! I have never felt better, and I’m 60.”


Has been amazing!
“Everything and everyone has been amazing. I have never seen or felt so much relief in my lower back. Everyone is always smiling, and smiling makes everything better.”


Helped me and my baby!
“Chiropractic at Cornerstone has helped me sleep better, and my baby as well. He has come a long way with head position since birth almost 2 months ago. We appreciate it!”


Stunned by Son’s Results
“Cornerstone Family Chiropractic has had a huge impact on my son’s quality of life. He was in pain when we first brought him to the office and Dr. Tim eased his worries with his amazing personality and ability to be clear, honest, and encouraging. We knew the plan, his goals, and how we could optimize our time as we are a super busy family. For each appointment, we were greeted by friendly faces and we never spent more than 3 minutes in the waiting room.  At the end of immediate care, we saw improvement in our son’s overall health – pain freebetter digestionmore mobility and I swear he grew 3 inches! We were stunned! Cornerstone is a lovely business, run by lovely people that know what they are doing when it comes to top notch care and treatment. Thank you, Dr. Tim!”


Physical Labor is Much Easier After Chiropractic Care
“I wanted to thank you for the superb treatment over the last few months. I came in to your office having trouble moving my neck comfortably, and had lower back pain, and just a few months later, my neck pain is gone, and my back is almost 100% better. I’ve been sleeping better, have been more comfortable driving, and doing the physical labor my profession requires. Your office staff is friendly and you were always able to fit me into your scheduledespite my crazy work hours. I look forward to continuing our follow up care. Thanks again!”


Beyond My Expectations
“My experience at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic has gone beyond my expectations! The staff is wonderful and friendly, even the other patients are warm and friendly.
I initially went to Dr. Tim regarding stiff shoulders and decreased mobility in my back and hips. As a result of my care, my mobility has increased one hundred percent! I sleep betterand walk better and have a decrease in headaches (pain and duration). As a result, my concentration and balanced have shown significant improvement. My health is important and I felt that Dr. Tim and his staff where dedicated to my long term well being and quality of life. I highly recommend!”


Results for daughter we so much more than we could have imagined
“We originally came to Dr. Tim for bodywork on our 5 month old daughter, Elly, who had just had tongue tie and lip tie corrective laser surgery. The results were so much more than we could have imagined. Elly went from a fussy, gassy, hungry baby to a happy, healthy, relaxed, & overall easy baby. She gained weight, range of motion, & improved her mood & demeanor. In addition to these amazing results, we LOVE the staff! They we’re very flexible and accommodating and even helped entertain my two-year-old at every visit. I cannot say enough positive things about Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, about Dr. Tim, about his staff, and about our results. I highly recommend this practice to anyone.”


After 40 years of seeking help, Dr. Tim helped my life improve!
“After 40 years of seeking help from Doctors, surgeons, physical therapy, injections and pills, I was so tired of always being in pain. So last year I went back to my surgeon to see if there was anything else he could do to elevate the chronic pain.  He told me there was not.  Feeling very defeated at this point, I figured this is the way it has to be for the rest of my life.  Then my daughter suggested Dr Tim.  His location is quite a distance from my home but I figured why not at least try him.  From the very first visit I felt relief that I have never had.  The trip to Dr Tim was well worth the time and distance.  I highly recommend Dr Tim, he has given me pretty much a pain-free body.  Just about every function I do now is pain-free.  I cannot stress how much my day to day life has improved.

Much appreciation to Dr. Tim!”


Motion is life!
““Motion is life”

This is a phrase used almost every time I visit Cornerstone Family Chiropractic. I’m an 8 year Marine Corps veteran and, have had many problems with my body since I served even though having 2 rounds of physical therapy. For the last 13 years I’ve had many debilitating issues and would typically throw my lower back out 4 or 5 times a year, and would have a kinked neck at least once a month. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my care and, I’m happy to say I’ve been going to the gym now and have had much better performance. Throughout the process of care the staff has been very pleasant, the hours for appointments have always been catered to my needs. One more cool thing: I work nights and, every time I went to my appointment I would feel tired and worn down. After my visit I would be wide awake, more alert and generally my mood would be outstanding.
Thank you Cornerstone Family Chiropractic!”


Your spine will be so glad you called!
“I’m very appreciative about my care and would like to share my progress:

• I sleep so much better!
• I sit and stand up straighter!
• I feel less stressed!
• I have more mobility in my neck and shoulders!
• I have a reduced amount of pain in by lower back!
• I even go to the bathroom more regularly!
I’d like to express my thanks to you Dr. Tim, your welcoming smile and calming atmosphere help to make my adjustments a relaxing experience. Also, many thanks to your friendly staff, especially that dear lady behind the counter in the late afternoon, she’s a peach.
If there is someone out there that might be on the fence about seeing a Chiropractor, call Cornerstone Family Chiropractic today. Your spine will be so glad you did!

Thank you so much”


One Year Old Son’s Chronic Earaches Are Gone
“Dr. Tim Murzycki will put forth every effort to ensure his patients are well taken care of! He helped me when I injured my back and helped my one year old son’s chronic earaches. Our son is now healthy, happy, and hasn’t had an earache in months!! We could not be happier with the individualized personal care Dr. Murzycki gave to our family.”


My Life Back from Vertigo
“I was living with vertigo which is gone. Dr. Tim gave me my life back. Thank you,
Dr. Tim!”


Before Dr. Tim, my life revolved around what I COULDN’T do.
“Running, dancing, swimming, and yoga were part of my regular exercise routines. However, the pain in my hips after birthing my second child was so severe that I had to completely alter my lifestyle in order to simply get through the day – from using a step-stool to get in and out of bed, dressing myself or holding and playing with my two baby girls. I figured sports were “Things I’ll Never Do Again.”

I am not exaggerating when I say that every chiropractic visit brought more and more relief and more function into my life. I could push a stroller on long walks, take yoga classes and swim again, and carry my daughters. Before visiting Dr. Tim, my life revolved around what I COULDN’T doI continue to visit Dr. Tim at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic because I considered it a blessing to be able to GET there!
Thank you, Dr. Tim!”


I saw my 2 year old transform into a happy and HEALTHY little girl!
“After bringing my daughter to her multiple appointments to the pediatrician for colds, croup, pink eye, ear infections with medicine after medicine and no success, I decided to try Chiropractic.

I am so blessed to know Dr. Tim and to bring my daughter, Elise to him. I saw my two-year-old transform into a happy and HEALTHY little girl. Not only is Elise a much healthier child because of chiropractic, at three years old, she loves going to see Dr. Tim and dances around the house when she learns we have an appointment that day, and always greets him with a huge hug and a high-five. Maybe she innately knows that Dr. Tim genuinely cares for her overall well-being, and that the smiles he prescribes are truly the best medicine of all!”


Turning point in my entire well-being!
“I went to see Dr. Tim for a specific problem I was hoping he could help me with as my only other recommended option was an invasive biopsy, and through chiropractic care I began to feel healthier and more energized than I had felt in years. Truly, this whole experience has been a turning point in my entire well-being and I couldn’t be more thankful than to have discovered this at 63!
Thank you Dr. Tim!”


Optimal development for Baby Brynn!
“Not long after my daughter Brynn was born, her pediatrician diagnosed her with “torticollis” and suggested that we begin PT right away. At the same time, we were warned that Brynn would probably be delayed in her physical development – sitting up, crawling, and walking – and that her speech could be delayed as well. You can imagine a parent’s fright when they realize that there is something “not quite right” with their perfect bundle of joy.

When my husband mentioned Brynn’s torticollis diagnosis to his chiropractor, we were immediately referred to Dr. Tim on account of his experience and knowledge in chiropractic care for pediatrics. When we met Dr. Murzycki, not only did he make us feel comfortable and safe, he never pressured us to do anything other than what we felt was right for our daughter. The care he gave Brynn during her visit was so gentle and child-centered. At this point, we were confident that chiropractic was the right decision for our family.

Today, you would never know that Brynn had torticollis. She sat up, crawled, walked, and is now talking in the ranges that doctors expect healthy babies to do so. There was never any delay or worry about her development once the chiropractic care began. In addition, and to our pleasant surprise, her congested “pug” sounds (as we called it!) cleared quickly and completely, as did her “leaky eye” symptom.

Now, Brynn sees Dr. Tim regularly for wellness checks, and I’m still amazed by the way she is cared for. Because of Chiropractic, she is strong and active. I do know that my husband and I owe a huge part of our daughter’s health and well-being to Cornerstone Family Chiropractic. Thank you, Dr. Tim!”


Unexpected health improvements
“Because of a work related injury I had been in excruciating pain for way too long when I became desperate enough to seek chiropractic treatment. Dr. Tim’s vast knowledge and technique for providing care for his patients was the beginning of my healing process. Through his care I have experienced other unexpected health improvements and can happily say I am finally back to work. Dr. Tim is truly blessed!”


I have never felt better in my sixty one years!
“Dr. Tim put me right at ease the minute I walked into his office. He was so kind and there was no mistaking his astonishing sincerity. Dr. Tim is so knowledgeable and is always willing to share that knowledge for the benefit of his patients. Dr. Tim does not only focus on your aches and pains, but also your mental and overall health. He has taught me so much and I have never felt better in my sixty one years!!! I am so thankful for having him take care of me. I wish everyone could experience this type of high quality care. I high recommend Dr. Tim to all I know.”


I love having him as my chiropractor and highly recommend him
“I was having a lot of problems with my hip and it locking up. Since Dr. Tim has been working on it, I haven’t had issues. Dr. Tim is professional, friendly and really cares about me as a person and takes a great interest in my overall health. He not only talks about chiropractic but how that ties into nutritional health and lifestyle. I love having him as my chiropractor and highly recommend him.”


Amazing chiropractic experience during Prenatal care for overall Health
“The care I have received from Dr. Murzycki truly falls under the ‘above and beyond’ category.  I initially visited Dr. Murzycki due to lower back pains, and also with the hope that perhaps regular adjustments could help improve my asthma. I was pleased to see improvements in both areas within weeks. I had never seen a chiropractor before and though I had heard great things, I still did not quite expect to feel such an immense amount of improvement so quickly.

Shortly after beginning care with Dr. Murzycki I learned I was pregnant. I continued to receive amazing chiropractic care from him throughout my pregnancy.  My long commutes to work in a car and the physical strain I began to feel on my body from the weight of the baby made the adjustments feel especially notable and valuable to my overall health.  I had a fast, completely natural labor, a beautiful healthy baby and a quick recovery, and I still attribute much of this to the fact that I received such good prenatal care in the hands of Dr. Murzycki.

All of this is not to mention that Dr. Murzycki is one of the most positive, uplifting, and knowledgeable people I have ever met. I have always felt comfortable and safe in Dr. Murzycki’s care and truly look forward to visits with him with the added bonus of being able to take some of his contagious optimism with me. I am so grateful for his care and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an amazing chiropractic experience.”


Eternally grateful for helping with healing during Breast Cancer journey
“The first day I met Dr. Tim, I knew that there was something very unique and special about him and his view on chiropractic care. I immediately felt at ease with him and knew that he really was there to help me. That is why I knew that he would be the right person to turn to when my body, mind & soul was in desperate need of some help to heal from a serious illness.

It was one year ago today that I got my terrifying diagnosis of Breast Cancer.  When I finished my chemotherapy and was looking for a way to rebuild my strength, heal my body and feel more like myself, I immediately called Dr. Tim.

The “cornerstone” of Dr. Tim’s chiropractic care is to heal the mind, body & soul and he has been able to help me do just that. Through his chiropractic adjustments and information on lifestyle changes, I finally feel like myself again. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Tim for helping to guide me through this very difficult part of my journey and for his healing hands and soul.”


I haven’t felt this good in years!
“I went to C.F.C because I was suffering from lower back/ hip pain that was starting to cause numbness and tingling sensations into both of my legs and into both of my arms.  I had also been suffering over 15 years from muscle spasms in my neck that would cause regular headaches.  I never thought to go to a chiropractor for my neck as I had been to an orthopedic specialist a while back and was told there “was nothing I could do.” After beginning chiropractic care, I haven’t had a headache in over 5 months and I rarely feel tingling in my legs which is a huge improvement.  I have been able to become more activeand participate in more aggressive physical activities such as running and kickboxing.   I haven’t felt this good in years and I would totally I recommend anyone who wants to live a healthy life without surgery or pain pills to go to Dr. Tim.”


My quality of life has already changed dramatically with IBS, Severe Acid Reflux, Constant Illness
“I came to Dr. Murzycki on the advice of a friend, feeling very sick and defeated. I had been suffering for years from IBS, severe acid reflux, constant illness and exhaustion. Conventional medicine had offered me no answers, and no solutions. Upon our initial meeting, I was already hopeful that I would finally feel some relief as Dr. Murzycki explained how chiropractic care works. It has only been a few months, but I am very happy to say that my quality of life has already changed dramatically. I am no longer on any medications for my digestive problems, and have seen huge improvement in my overall health and immunity. Dr. Murzycki has been caring and compassionate-always available to answer my questions, and talk about my concerns. I have had a wonderful experience, and highly recommend his practice to everyone!”


Gentle…never felt better!
“I awoke one morning to the most excruciating pain in my lower back.  It was nearly impossible to move around, and I was desperate to try and “fix” it.  I contacted my massage therapist who referred me to Dr. Murzycki.  I had unfounded fears about chiropractic, but I was willing to try anything.  Dr. Murzycki was extremely thorough and gentle and he put my mind at ease.  Over a short period of time, we were able to make great strides in resolving my immediate pain issue while at the same time exploring how I got to that point in the first place over my 58 years.  Dr. Murzycki explained everything to me in great detail and peaked my interest in learning more about chiropractic through my own research.  I am now a true believer, and I have never felt better.  When I leave the office after an adjustment, it is wonderful to feel my body moving the way it should.”


I have my life back!
“I am a firm believer in chiropractic care so I have seen a few different chiropractors. I was dealing with chronic pain for two years in my hip/lower back area which got to a point where I was having difficulty tying my shoe never mind doing the activities I enjoy. I tried everything including buying a new mattress and working with personal trainers and therapists. Nothing seemed to be working and it was affecting my day-to-day life. Dr. Tim took a different approach and within a few appointments I felt 100% better, and more importantly I feel like I have my life back in other ways. Dr. Tim is a great educator and can explain a very complex subject so you can understand it. I now see Dr. Tim regularly for health and since making chiropractic care a part of my life I have never felt better and I am back doing the activities I love to do.”


Life changing results for son.
“After several antibiotics for our 4 year old son, his little body was drained and we were referred to Ear Nose and Throat Doctor to discuss our options. After seeing the Ear Nose and Throat doctor on a Wednesday, we were told that the current ear infection was not clearing even with the antibiotics. Then, we saw Dr. Murzycki on Friday and our son began a life free from chronic ear infections! We were hoping for quick results, but this blew our minds. We love how Dr. Murzycki is able to explain what he is doing and his purpose so that we all are able to understand, and answers all of our questions (and we had a ton).   For us the results were life changing. J looks forward to his adjustments and is proud to explain how his healthy spine makes him healthier.   His little body is stronger than ever now, his immune system restored, and we are confident that we made the right choices for our son.  We are thankful for Dr. Murzycki and the way he was able to help our son regain his health.”


Improved general attitude and health in daughter
“When I made the decision to pursue chiropractic care, I had suffered an injury and could barely move my neck and was fed up with ‘traditional medicine’ that could not correct the problem.  Dr. Tim helped me regain my function, along with helping me with carpal tunnel and other health issues.

After a couple of months, I decided that my daughter, then 3, would also benefit greatly by receiving chiropractic care.  Many people that don’t know this, but birth is a huge trauma in itself, from which many of us never recover.  The awesome changes I’ve noticed in my daughter have been her general attitude and her health.  Whenever she seems “off”, she instantly improves after an adjustment.  Chiropractic care with Dr. Tim has helped her body to naturally get over ear infections and upper respiratory infections that otherwise would of landed us at the medical doctor’s office with a prescription for antibiotics.

We have been seeing Dr. Tim for almost a year and both my daughter and I look forward to our appointments.  Dr. Tim is highly personable and professional and truly dedicated to healing.”


Function so much better with everyday life
“Dr. Tim,

I love the feeling of walking out of your office after an adjustment. I had dealt with so much pain but am now pain free. Also, your professionalism is second to none! Under your care with your healing hands, I am able to function so much better with everyday life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


No longer deal with chronic headaches!
“Dr. Tim,

Thank you for explaining everything to me. My neck and spine have never felt better and I no longer deal with my chronic headaches affecting my everyday activities. I am very confident in your care!”


Healthy experience for my body and my mind
“It was not long at all after beginning Chiropractic care I was noticing the positive results I expected, as well as others that I did not expect at all. There is a certain indescribable feeling that comes along with a well-adjusted frame – your mood elevates almost as if you’re more alert and more alive. Dr. Murzycki is truly passionate about his work, and his practice extends much further than the hands on. He is always willing to answer questions, encourages them to be asked, and knows when to answer the right questions that go unasked. All in all, my experience with Chiropractic has been a healthy one for my body and more unexpectedly, my mind.


Newborn off medicine and healthier
“Within a month of taking my newborn to see Dr. Tim, she was off Zantac medicine prescribed by her M.D. and was a much more content baby! Not long after seeing him, I also noticed that restrictions with my daughter’s neck movement disappeared. The support with a healthier lifestyle was so helpful, but most of all was how encouraging he is. I soon started seeing Dr. Tim myself for the same health benefits my daughter has been receiving. My little one loves getting adjusted so much that whenever we are there for an appointment for me, she begs for her turn and climbs up on the table (she is now 2)! Dr. Tim is definitely a whole body doctor and addresses all aspects, mind, body, soul. He teaches in a way that people can understand and remember.”


Healthier all over
“Dr. Tim has been a partner in our family’s health for over a year. I approached Dr. Tim about pressure in in the lower part of my neck that stretched out to my shoulders. He took the time to talk about comprehensive Chiropractic care. Within a matter of weeks the pain did disappear. Another benefit I did not realize would happen is how I can be physically active (running, biking, aerobics class) without feeling like my body was just “beaten up”. I feel healthier all over.

The majority of the family is under Dr. Tim’s care and have experienced benefits. I would recommend his care to other families.


No Ear Infections or Antibiotics
“Shortly after I was seeing Dr. Tim, I spoke to him about my 15 month-old daughter and her chronic ear infections and how Chiropractic could help her body be stronger. After starting Chiropractic care, she has had no ear infections or needed antibiotics for over a year! Plus, she loves to get adjusted!

The majority of the family is under Dr. Tim’s care and have experienced benefits. I would recommend his care to other families.


I feel great and can function better!
“I see Dr. Tim regularly for Chiropractic Care as my challenging physical lifestyle is better off after adjustments – especially after multiple crashes at 34 MPH during waterski season. Thanks for putting me back together, Dr. Tim. I feel great and can function better!




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