Staying healthy and feeling your best can certainly be a challenge in today’s fast-paced, toxin-laden world. Fortunately, your body is a self-healing and self-organizing organism that is designed to work properly when it is treated well and given the best possible resources and environment.

Your innate intelligence is constantly at work to maintain your body’s natural balance and keep you healthy. Consider the marvelous things your innate intelligence does for you all the time without you having to think about it:

Here are three ways to support your body’s innate intelligence to enhance your health, function, and vitality:

(1) Keep it positive.

 Your thoughts have a physiological effect on your body. Stress, anger, frustration, and impatience trigger the release of catecholamine and cortisol hormones that can have damaging effects on your body. Positive thoughts, meditation, and deep breathing stimulate health-enhancing hormones such as feel-good endorphins.

Create a simple daily stress-management routine that includes healthy habits like meditation and exercise to rid your mind of toxic negativity that builds up throughout the day and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

(2) Nourish your body.

 Help your body to be at its best by keeping it supplied with nutritionally dense food like fresh fruit, nuts, and organic vegetables. Avoid sugar, caffeine, refined fats, and alcohol that can make you feel sluggish and affect your mood. Choose foods that heal, not harm.

Take care of your nervous system.

 Your nervous system is the master controller of all systems and functions in your body. Your spine houses the nerves that connect your brain to all other parts of your body, so proper alignment of your spine is crucial to normal, healthy function in your body. Treat it right with correct posture, meditation, exercise, yoga, and CHIROPRACTIC adjustments!

 **We offer a full range of opportunities that make it easy to care for your mind, body, and nervous system from vitality-focused Chiropractic care to our Practical Nutrition workshops (see our Facebook page for upcoming dates!) and our NEW Max Meditation system. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you!