3 Easy Ways to Manage Holiday Stress

Avoid holiday season burnout this year by taking the time to care for yourself: 1. Take care of your spine. Chiropractic adjustments correct vertebral subluxations, removing interference in the connections between your brain and the rest of your body. This allows you to function and feel your best and adapt better to emotional, physical, and environmental […]

Seeing is Believing: Woman Observes Improvement of Glaucoma after Chiropractic Care

A recent report published in the June 2017 Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research describes the case of a 40-year-old woman diagnosed with glaucoma who presented to a chiropractic office for care. Over a period of 2 months of receiving chiropractic adjustments to correct vertebral subluxations, her intraocular pressure decreased. Again, this shows you the power of the […]

Chiropractic for Better Relationships and Community?

What role does chiropractic play in relationships? We know that chiropractors look to the spine for the connection to the brain. This impacts the brain-body connection for overall vitality and health. But is there a connection with relationships – relationships to self, to another person, to our community? The autonomic nervous system is that branch of the […]

PET Scans of Brain Show Life is Better with Chiropractic

Of course you hear about how your family can have a better life with regular chiropractic care? Simply put: your family is better able to process the stress around you as your brain and nervous system can work better. When our minds and bodies become overly stressed, there are a multitude of changes in our […]

Healthy Spine, Healthy Heart!

Did you know that Chiropractic care can provide benefits to your heart through improved function? In 2016, a paper was published in the International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research showing how the resting heart rate of a patient had been assessed. After the patient had a chiropractic evaluation of the spine and received one […]

Discovering the Flu and Your Neuro-Immune System

‘Tis the season! Not just for holiday and New Year’s celebrations, but for the infamous season when awareness of the influenza (flu) virus and the symptoms associated with the infection skyrockets. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) mounts a well-orchestrated campaign each year to generate interest and demand for flu shots. Along with posters for […]

It’s a little bit of Heaven every visit!

I had back and leg pain attributed to sciatica for several weeks. Pain kept me from many things, including getting a good night’s sleep. Chiropractic took away the pain, helped me to sleep better, to breathe better, to walk taller and to be in a happier frame of mind. I can now sit on the floor and […]