You’re going on vacation. How exciting! What a great opportunity to rest and recharge your body, mind, and soul. You’ve prepared and packed everything you’ll need to be well and
comfortable during your trip…well, almost everything. (Sadly, your chiropractor can’t tag along in your suitcase.) What can you do to to stay on track with your health and healing while you’re away?

Here are our top 4 tips for keeping up your health momentum if you must go longer than usual between chiropractic adjustments:

1. Keep moving! Make sure to keep up your usual physical activity level, especially any recommendation made by your chiropractor.

2. Look up! Prevent stress on your cervical spine from travel “tech neck”- constantly looking down at your phone, tablet, or computer- while traveling by plane, train, or vehicle. Stop, look up,  and stretch frequently.

3. Gratitude! Being in a state of gratitude is an essential component for our emotional/mental/spiritual health allowing greater healing and restoration. Each day you are on vacation and even traveling, be sure to spend a moment or more show gratitude for having the opportunity. Allow this to be a moment of connecting with a higher source (God, Mother Earth, Creator, Source, your choice), or sinking into your deeper self if you so choose. To be on any vacation – even a “stay-cation” – is an absolute treasure that you have created. Set the intention to relish each and every moment. What a gift!

4. Make a plan! See your chiropractor as close as possible to your departure and return dates. We recommend adding “make up” visits during the week of your return- be sure to schedule these  before you leave to stay on track with your care!

Follow these tips to decrease stress on your spine and nervous system, and have a safe and
fun vacation! Bon voyage!